The only constant with all CIS (Construction Industry Scheme) claims and refunds is their inherent complexities and delays.  If planning to go ahead with any CIS claim or refund application, you’re likely to find the process far more difficult and time-consuming than expected.  The larger or more obscure the claim, the less likely you are to get back the money you may be rightfully owed.

With the help of London Accountants and Tax Consultants, CIS refund applications needn’t cause you or your organisation a headache.  For the past XX years, we’ve been assisting businesses of all sizes with complex and challenging CIS claims and refund applications.  Our knowledge and experience with all aspects of CIS deductions enable us to streamline and simplify every step of the application process.

Ensure you claim what’s rightfully yours and receive your deduction promptly.  For more information on any of our CIS claims and refunds services, contact a member of the London Accountants and Tax Consultants team today.

Construction Industry Scheme Deductions

As a member of the Construction Industry Scheme, you’ll already be aware of the challenges and complications involved in performing any kind of self-assessment.  Particularly in the case of larger claims, significant time and effort must be invested in the process of obtaining refunds.  Worse still, incorrect information submitted as part of any CIS claims can result in heavy penalties and further complications.

If you’d prefer a faster, simpler and more cost-effective approach to CIS claims and refunds, the London Accountants and Tax Consultants is standing by to take your call.  We know exactly what it takes to create and submit successful CIS deduction applications, ensuring all essential information is clearly presented.  Whether planning ahead or already in the process of applying for a CIS refund, we’re standing by to step in and fast-track your application.

For more information or to discuss your requirements in more detail, contact a member of the London Accountants and Tax Consultants team today for an obligation-free consultation.




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